Colligo Email Management & Mobility


Are you having a difficult time profiling emails to SharePoint? Do you need to work offline in Outlook?  Do you need to synchronize documents from a network share to SharePoint?  If you answer “Yes” to any of the above questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

DetriTech Services, LLC has partnered with Colligo to help our clients profile emails to SharePoint/Office 365. Direct integration with Windows Explorer & Mac Finder to allow documents to be easily synchronized to SharePoint/Office 365.

DetriTech Services, LLC provide consulting in Colligo Engage Complete, Colligo Engage Email and Engage Mobile. We offer installation, administration, development, licensing and training for all Colligo Products.

Other recognizable benefits of Colligo Engage Outlook App include:

  • Filing of email and attachments to SharePoint/Office 365 sites using the drag-and-drop functionality or ribbon button, online and offline.
  • Automatically file emails to SharePoint using Send-and-File.
  • Automatically move incoming emails to SharePoint using Outlook rules
  • Full metadata support for tagging email and attachments as they are being field.
  • Simultaneous federated search of SharePoint/Office 365 sites and Outlook.
  • Sending links to attachments from SharePoint/Office 365 sites.
  • Browsing of SharePoint/Office 365 document libraries from within Outlook.
  • Drive SharePoint adoption without hurting employee productivity.
  • Declare records using SharePoint’s in-place records management

Concern about accessing SharePoint/Office 365 offline or getting emails into SharePoint/Office 365 while working on the go? Colligo Engage for Mobility can ease your concern. The mobile client for iOs will allow you to access SharePoint/Office 365 content while connected or offline.

Benefits of Colligo Engage for Mobility include:

  • Users are able to work more efficient collaborating with team members while on the go.
  • Users can access their content in SharePoint/Office 365 when they’re on a mobile device or working offline.
  • Print documents over WiFi with any AirPrint printer.
  • Browse, open and view files, standard and custom lists, including events, issues, links, contacts, announcements, tasks, and agendas.
  • View document properties, including all SharePoint-supported metadata.
  • Encrypted data both on device and in transit

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