Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics can help business users and leaders achieve success in making key decisions with confidence by providing the information needed through intuitive data visualizations.

Business Intelligence and Analytics are vital to an organization’s ability to remain competitive, increase efficiency and drive profitability.  The solutions we build will allow our clients the opportunity to make key decisions with confidence and look ahead by incorporating predictive analytics.  Through predictive analytics, our clients are able to gain a better understanding of customers and their products by allowing them to identify potential future opportunities and risks.

DetriTech Services, LLC has formed strategic partnerships with Tableau, Microsoft and IBM to take advantage of their Business Intelligence and Analytics platform to build executive-level and business users dashboards that are intuitive, easy to use and provide self-service functionality.

We help our clients identify the Business Intelligence platform that is right for them. Once the platform has been identified, we will work with our clients to build both Executive-level and business user dashboards that contains the information they require to make key decisions.

The Business Intelligence Platforms we support:

Power BI

Our team of BI consultants have the expertise to build powerful dashboards using the various platforms: Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and IBM Watson.